Our Story

Began in 2011, Glory SACCO Ltd idea was conceived by Bishop Herbert Kiwanuka of Glory of Christ Ministries from the desire and passion to help people especially the poor and unprivileged. “I always wanted to help people but didn’t know how” Said Bishop Herbert. Until one day when we had an urgent financial need that pushed us to borrow money from one of the existing commercial banks in Uganda.
        After going through the whole application process, the amount that was credited on the account was less by at least Uganda shillings 2M. This disturbed me a lot because no earlier explanations were made to me by the bank representatives about the charges. We took a moment in a dilemma not knowing what to do since the money we received; being less by 2M , which therefore could not solve the problem. In addition, the interest amount we were supposed to pay per month for a period of 2 years was unbelievably too high.
         Amidst that depression, I thought about other people who go through the same process and I wondered how I could help.  Could it be possible for someone to access a loan with less hassle and at a small interest rate? What about starting our own bank that could be the answer to all these questions. These questions continued to go on in my mind. Deep down in my heart I believed that we could start a bank but a question of how always followed. Later on, as we were looking at the financial books of the ministry with the church administrator (Glory of Christ Church), I observed that people had given more than 100M Uganda shillings in contributions towards land purchase and church building in a period of one and a half years. I was amazed at the potential our community had to contribute such a huge amount of money alongside other usual giving of tithes and offerings.
         The idea of forming a bank came back very strong in my heart. I believed that the community could pool funds and then benefit from that pool. I shared the idea with the church administrator and the church elders. I didn’t have the banking skills but God reminded me as he did to Moses of the Bible that amongst the people in our community, there were people talented with different skills including the banking skills. I then called for a meeting with the people who worked in the banking sector. When these people came together, they embraced the vision and came up with ideas that brought it to reality. They laid a foundation for a start and now, the SACCO is on.

Bishop Herbert Kiwanuka - Founder


    To afford members an opportunity to accumulate savings and deposits for their better tomorrow.
    To provide broad range of credit facilities to members a fair and reasonable interest rates.
    To offer conveniently and efficiently banking services to members.
    To ensure safety and soundness of the members’ funds through wise investment and adherence to good governance structure.


To be the leading Christian Cooperative in Uganda committed to providing support structure necessary for development to the members.


Committed to provide financial support structures necessary for the development of our members.

Core Values

Transparency and Accountability
Respect for one another
Unity of purpose
Team work
Health relationships and Professionalism

Slogan - ‘Your reason to smile’.

Customer Value Proposition

Fastest services
Fairest charges
Friendliest relationship
Service of high quality

Why Us?

Our product offering:

Loan products
Savings products
Investment Products

Why Glory Sacco

    A vehicle to saving into your future,
    Sense of ownership and control; you become a member and a shareholder,
    Good returns to your investment-shares/deposits,
    Wide range of affordable credit facilities,
    Excellent customer service with free financial advice,
    Funds are well managed and invested,
    Good leaders who are professional in their various capacities,
    In case of member’s death, their outstanding loans will be paid fully by our insurer. We will refund to your nominated next of kin your accumulated savings and interest thereon.
Our Partners

We thank God for the huge performance within the five years of existance........

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Glory Of Christ Church
Banking Services provided by Glory Savings and Cooperative are monitored by the Registrar of Cooperatives.
About Us

At Glory Sacco Ltd, we take pride in providing our client's personalized financial services. Celebrating 6 years of combined...

Saving Facilities

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Our Contacts

Glory House, Kasubi - Kawaala Lane, Plot 5167, Kampala.
P.O.Box 9543, Kampala, Uganda
Tel: (256) 0752-129501
Mobile: (256) 0704-050229
E-mail: glorysavingsandcredit@gmail.com
Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 17:00 PM
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